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Kings Court

So I am from Ireland and I am at a wedding at Chatsworth Castle in Bakewell, England.  I meet this bloke from Chicago and thru our conversation I find out that his dealership has sold my brothers construction company all of their vans! So I am writing this for my brother.  Jack E. Stewart ahs the best repuation around and always takes care of my brother....glad to meet the family!

Shipped to Ausieland!

I bought a car from the Stewart's and had it shipped all the way over to Mildura!  Sight unseen, great communication and the car arrived as described!!  Very happy, very satisfied and love this family!

Our "go to" neighborhood dealer

Mr. Stewart has been the neighborhoods go to car guy!  We just bought our 7th car from them and Jack's son took care of us, to the point of deleivering the car to our driveway!  Just the nicest people around....... cannot say enough!

5 STARS!!! Wish I could give more!!!

September 3, 2013

By P Buck from Mundelein, IL

I posted a question regarding an ad for a Scion xA. I received an answer the next business day. While I have not decide if their car is write for me, I will keep them in mind as I continue my search. Great follow up.

Better customer service than a Lexus dealer!

Better customer service than a Lexus dealer!

September 8, 2013

By Jane M. from Timely Park, IL

Had a check engine light come on, they drove 40 miles to my work, dropped off a loaner car Nd drove back the next day to drop off my car. No charge, no drama and no hassles. This is a great family car dealership! End of story. My dad owns a new $45,000 Lexus and doesn't get this kind of service.

Best dealer I have ever dealt with!!!

Best dealer I have ever dealt with!

February 13, 2015

By Ahmed A. from Willow Springs, IL

I was looking for a gently used Buick, I went to Northwest Auto Sales. The staff were super courteous. Old school people with morals. I wasn't pressured into buying anything, no seller's techniques and games, honest and straight to the point. After I purchased my car, I feel like I am treated like a family every time I call them. I'd definitely recommend them to a friend.

Treated with the utmost respect!


July 17, 2015

By RML from Glenview, IL

Despite the fact that I was looking to buy the least expensive car on their lot, I was treated with utmost respect as well as prompt and courteous attention. When I asked if I could have my mechanic inspect the car, they not only agreed, but offered to drive the car to the mechanic's facility themselves. The price they offered was extremely fair, and the paperwork was completed in short order. I may be looking for a replacement vehicle for my wife, and will start my search at Northwest Auto Sales.

Finally, a good car buying experince!

5.0 STARS!

I finally had a good car buying experience.

June 5, 2021

By Greg from Chicago, Il

Great service , no pressure, and concerned about my needs. My best car buying experience. Ask for Rick. He's a regular guy and likes the new Cheap Trick CD. I left and didn't have that "I just got screwed feeling."

I was reffered to the Stewarts by my longtime

I was reffered to the Stewarts by my longtime friend.  I understand why families for years buy their cars from this dealership.Friendly, no pressure and even took the car to my mechanic for inspection....who does that?  They also located a BMW for my boss and sold it to her the following week..so it was a win win.  cannot say enough about the stewarts.

Carolyn Dick


Great people to deal with, nice cars.  My family has purchased from Jack 9 cars and 1 truck in the last 30 years.


Charles Fleming

Like Family

Dear John,

Thank you again for taking care of us on my daughters Passat.  You guys made me feel like family.

Thank you.

D. Eurchart

Thank you Jack Stewart!

Thank you for working so hard to get me financed.  I know it was difficult but my wife and I really appreciate it.  I am gald Matt Biekert referred us to your store and I will send as many people as I can.

Thank again.

David and Patti Tuttle
Jack E. Stewart's Northwest Auto Sales, Inc.

Deerfield, IL 60015